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CanChild is grateful to the key partners for their financial and resource support: McMaster University, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the School of Rehabilitation Science, the Department of Pediatrics, and the McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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Video Message from the Director

Dr. Jan Willem Gorter
Director of CanChild & Professor of Pediatrics, McMaster University
Scotiabank Chair in Child Health Research

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CanChild team playing board games for FUN

Playing board games for FUN

February 2019

Curling for FITNESS

March 2019

CanChild team cleaning the office for FUNCTION

Office cleanup for FUNCTION

April 2019

CanChild and School of Rehabilitation Science Anniversary Celebration

CanChild and School of Rehabilitation Science joint anniversary celebration

June 2019

European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) Conference in Paris, France

May 2019

Summer party to celebrate FAMILY

July 2019

Triannual Meeting

and 2nd IAACD (International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability)

(American Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine) Annual

Combined 73rd AACPDM

September 2019

CP-NET Science and Family Day

October 2019

Apple Picking for FUN

October 2019

CanChild Strategic Planning Meeting

CanChild Strategic Planning

November 2019

PT, OT and SLP CanChild Award Winners

November 2019

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Research Highlights


“Learning and partnering with CanChild has been extremely beneficial. It has not only helped me to understand and frame my role as the best mom I can be, but also as an advocate. I’ve become more empowered to help other kids just like mine.”
– Parent

By the Numbers

the 2019 report only includes activities of CanChild Scientists



CanChild revenue is driven by the licensing of our products for use in clinical practice and research, including custom contracts with pharmaceutical companies. CanChild also offers services to support clinical practice, including in-person and online training workshops, and program evaluation through the Measurement and Analysis Service. In 2019, we brought in approximately $315,000 in revenue, which supports grant development, knowledge translation, product enhancement and ongoing revenue activities.

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The Centre

CanChild Scientists


Jan Willem Gorter (McMaster University)


Mary Law (McMaster University)
Peter Rosenbaum (McMaster University)


Dana Anaby (McMaster University)
Laura Brunton (Western University)
Olaf Kraus de Camargo (McMaster University)
Chantal Camden (Sherbrooke University)
Wenonah Campbell (McMaster University)
Eyal Cohen (University of Toronto)
BJ Cunningham (Western University)
Carol DeMatteo (McMaster University)
Briano Di Rezze (McMaster University)
Marjolijn Ketelaar (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Mary Khetani (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Anne Klassen (McMaster University)
Danielle Levac (Northeastern University)
Robert Palisano (Drexel University)
Michelle Phoenix (McMaster University)
Gabriel Ronen (McMaster University)
Brian Timmons (McMaster University)


Doreen Bartlett (Western University)
Johanna Darrah (University of Alberta)
Marilyn Kertoy (Western University)
Mary Law (McMaster University)
Cheryl Missiuna (McMaster University)
Nancy Pollock (McMaster University)
Dianne Russell (McMaster University)
Debra Stewart (McMaster University)
Nancy Thomas-Stonell (Bloorview Research Institute)
Stephen Walter (McMaster University)


Khush Amaria (Hospital for Sick Children)
Gary Bedell (Tufts University)
Sheila Bennett (Brock University)
Jan Burke-Gaffney (Parent Advocate)
John Cairney (University of Toronto)
Lisa Chiarello (Drexel University)
Wendy Coster (Boston University)
Nora Fayed (Queen’s University)
Darcy Fehlings (University of Toronto)
Mark Ferro (University of Waterloo)
Robin Gaines (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
Barbara Gibson (University of Toronto)
Adrienne Harvey (Royal Children’s Hospital)
Sandy Hodgetts (University of Alberta)
Christine Imms (Australian Catholic University)


Lynn Jeffries (University of Oklahoma)
Marian Jongmans (Utrecht University)
Gillian King (Bloorview Research Institute)
Dafna Kohen (Statistics Canada)
Niina Kolehmainen (Newcastle University)
Lena Krumlinde-Sundholm (Karolinska Institutet)
Lucyna Lach (McGill University)
Alyssa LaForme Fiss (Mercer University)
Sanjay Mahant (Hospital for Sick Kids)
Livia Malgalhaes (Federal University of Mina Gerais)
Ronit Mesterman (McMaster University)
Chris Morris (University of Exeter)
Eva Nordmark (Lund University)
Iona Novak (University Notre Dame)
Barbara Piskur (Zuyd University)
Keiko Shikako-Thomas (McGill University)
Olaf Verschuren (Rehabilitation Centre de Hoogstraat)
Sarah Westcott McCoy (University of Washington)
Virginia Wright (Bloorview Research Institute)
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum (University of Alberta)
Jill Zwicker (University of British Columbia)

Research & KT Support


Danijela Grahovac, Senior Technical Support Analyst
Taya John, Administrative Support
Donna Johnston, Finance Coordinator
Dayle McCauley, Research Development Officer
Marlice Simon, Administrative Support (Gorter/Rosenbaum) (until April 2019)
Jessica Tallarico, Business Analyst (until June 2019)
Rachel Teplicky, Business and Engagement Officer


Andrea Cross, Family Engagement
Cindy DeCola, FIRST KIT project (until March 2019)
Leah Dix, FIRST KIT project
Salma ElMansy, C-BiLLT & Tecla-E projects
Kelsey Fish, ApplyIT project (until August 2019)
Barb Galuppi, CHILD-BRIGHT project
Debra Hughes, ENVISAGE project
Oksana Hlyva, ApplyIT & Autism projects
Sarah Hopmans, CP-NET & C-BiLLT projects
Josie Jakubowski, Back to Play project
Nadilein Mahlberg, ApplyIT & CHILD-BRIGHT project
Rachel Martens, Family Engagement
Kinga Pozniak, F-Words & ENVISAGE projects
Sarah Randall, Back to Play project
Brittany Speller, CP-NET
Kathy Stazyk, Back to Play project
Sonya Strohm (mat leave), CHILD-BRIGHT project
Helena Viveiros, Autism projects
Marilyn Wright, Clinician Consultant
Vanessa Tomas, F-words project


Geil Astorga
Samantha Aung
Samantha Dong
Katie Falla
Ali Imran
Simrit Jhajj
Annie Jiang
Eileen Kim
Randi Mao
Rachel Pan
Kajaani Shanmugarajah
Alice Soper
Eryn Webster
Jennifer Yu

Trainees (McMaster University)


Andrea Cross (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Charlotte Danset (Supervised by Chantal Camden)
Jessica Jarvis (Supervised by Mary Khetani)
Kristin Macdonald (Supervised by Chantal Camden)
Patrick McPhee (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Kinga Pozniak (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Sandra Vanderkaay (Supervised by Wenonah Campbell)


Sandra Abdel Malek (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Jael Bootsma (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Denver Brown (Supervised by Gabriel Ronen)
Maddy Byra (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Peter Cahill (Supervised by Wenonah Campbell)


Hilary Caldwell (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Minxin Cheng (Supervised by Danielle Levac)
Matt Freeman (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Lina Ianni (Supervised by Chantal Camden)
Vera Kaelin (Supervised by Mary Khetani)
Jennifer Kennedy (Supervised by Wenonah Campbell)
Ghaidaa Khalifa (Supervised by Briano DiRezze)
Sara King-Dowling (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Inge Klatte (Supervised by Marjolijn Ketelaar)
Jia Lu Lin (Supervised by Eyal Cohen)
Yasmeen Mezil (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Monika Novak Pavlic (Supervised by Peter Rosenbaum)
Linda Nguyen (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Nikki Ow (Supervised by Dana Anaby)
Gabrielle Pratt (Supervised by Chantal Camden)


Jennifer Ryan (Supervised by Danielle Levac)
Eline Scholten (Supervised by Marjolijn Ketelaar)
Ingrid Singer (Supervised by Jan Willem Gorter)
Lisbeth Segers (Supervised by Marjolijn Ketelaar)
Enid Selkirk (Supervised by Cheryl Missiuna)
Saeideh Shahin (Supervised by Dana Anaby)
Bhanu Sharma (Supervised by Brian Timmons)
Stephanie Tremblay (Supervised by Dana Anaby)
Mette van Kruijsbergen Supervised by Marjolijn Ketelaar)
Maren van Rijssen (Supervised by Marjolijn Ketelaar)


Camila Araújo Santos Santana (Brazil)
Jet van der Kemp (The Netherlands)

Advisory Board Members


Ian Buchanan
Jennifer Crowson (Parent Advisor)
Andrey Feldman
Susanne Flett
Jonathan Lu (Youth Advisor)
David Mosher
Frank Naus
Peter Rosenbaum


Jan Willem Gorter, Director
Peter Rosenbaum, Co-founder
Wenonah Campbell, Scientist
Cheryl Missiuna, Scientist
Brian Timmons, Scientist
Robert Palisano, Scientist
Dayle McCauley, Research Development Officer



Dina Brooks, Vice Dean
Zrinka Granic, Director of Administration


Angelo Mikrogianakis, Chair
Sarah Bouma, Director of Administration


CanChild proudly collaborates with the following key partners to generate knowledge and transform lives:



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Produced & Designed by Geil Astorga, Samantha Dong, Danijela Grahovac, Dayle McCauley, Jennifer Yu.

Special thank you to all CanChild members and staff who contributed to this report!